Stop the Dog Fight Without the Dog Bite ….

In dog training we know dog fights can occur for many reasons including fear, territoriality, possessiveness, jealousy, sibling rivalry, pain and more. As experienced professionals providing dog and puppy training to Perth and the South West, we’ve seen them all.

Providing a dog with calm confident leadership from an early age helps them relax and feel safe, lowering the potential for aggressive dog behaviour – but it is never too late to start! If your puppy or dog is showing signs of aggressive behaviour, you may need to call in an expert, to help with some aggressive dog training and behaviour therapy.

There are usually many dog body language signals from our dogs before things escalate into physical conflict. Here at Dog Training WA we teach owners how to read dog body language and to be watchful for any signs of dog aggression and act to defuse the situation. However, sometimes situations escalate very quickly, resulting in an aggressive dog fight. These are highly charged and adrenalized events that are dangerous for both the dogs and their owners. Our natural reaction is to try and separate the dogs physically, reaching between them or trying to restrain one dog or the other. Bad move, this action often results in people getting bitten and dogs getting more seriously hurt, as they will then try to defend their family.

No technique for breaking up a dog fight is perfect and all have a level of risk associated with them as an adrenalized dog may redirect its aggression toward you, so always be cautious. Here are a few simple alternatives to try to de-escalate the situation and refocus the aggressive dog behaviours, that could save you a trip to the hospital or vet:

  • Place an object between them, a piece of cardboard, a cushion, an open umbrella
  • Spray water on the dogs, use a hose or spray bottle, even a bucket of water if need be
  • Toss a towel or blanket over one or both the dogs
  • Open a car door and call the dogs name
  • Open the fridge door or rattle the dogs food bowl
  • Invite the dog to go for a walk
  • Ring the front doorbell or knock on a table
  • Squeak a toy or toss a ball past the dogs

Once the dogs are separated they will still be on heightened alert so move them off in different directions or to other parts of the house as quickly and calmly as possible, before spending some time checking them for injuries. Remember if your dog is hurt or in pain it may still snap or bite due to the pain, so please be careful.

Bark Busters have fully trained Dog Behaviour Therapists & Trainers who offer specialist in home services to help solve dog aggression and other behaviour issues. Our local trainers are based throughout Perth and the South West of Western Australia. Please feel free to contact one of our local qualified dog trainers: Glen, Catharina, EmmaHeather or Hugh, who will be happy to discuss the situation and provide expert advice, to solve your dog aggression issues.

 by Hugh – Bark Busters Perth South and Perth West