Glen & Maureen Guelfi

Glen is one of our most experienced dog trainers, and has been successfully training dogs for over twenty years. His passion for animals first began when he was a child, when he would often adopt stray dogs, and at one stage was caring for an Afghan, a Doberman, and a little Pug.

Glen’s father is also one of our oldest, most experienced, dog trainers. He showed Glen how successful the Bark Busters training methods can be, when he helped him train their family dog, a blue heeler named Jackson.

Glen is deeply passionate about helping dog owners raise happy, healthy animals, through personalised training. He knows the importance of understanding the root cause of any dog behavioural issues, and using the Bark Busters training methodology to quickly and permanently correct these issues.

Maureen joined Bark Busters with her husband Glen and are helping many owners and their dogs around Perth. One realisation they had is that the environment plays a crucial role for dog training. Most programs typically take place away from the pet owner’s home in either a classroom or local park. But this ignores the fact that most problems tend to occur right at home.

Glen was brilliant, extremely patient and explained everything very well. The transformation of our puppies behaviour was almost immediate. He is so much easier to handle now. We have had our follow up visit with Glen who refined our techniques and was extremely supportive and positive about our progress. I would highly recommend Bark Busters and Glen to anyone looking for training techniques and support.” – Abigail H. Darlington, WA, 27 August 2018.

“I can’t recommend Maureen enough, 6 weeks ago she came to help us with Max a 1yo amstaff. We were having trouble with Max digging, lunging and jumping at doors and pulling on the lead. After 1 visit from Maureen we could see a massive difference in his behaviour, the techniques we learned really do work and now we have a very well mannered dog. Thanks Maureen!”- Matt S. Bibra Lake, WA, 14 October 2019.

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