Catharina Baljeu

Catharina has been working with dogs in Bunbury areas and all throughout South West WA for several years. In this time, she has successfully trained over 500 dogs with various obedience and behaviour issues.

This year Catharina was ranked in the Bark Busters top three dog behaviour therapists, Australia wide.  She has a lot of experience working on rural and farming properties, and training dogs to behave around other animals, such as horses and livestock.

Her training techniques aim to help you communicate effectively with your dog, in a way they understand. She was first introduced to Bark Busters, when she needed help training one of her own dogs, who was having aggression behaviour issues. She found the training techniques so beneficial, she joined us as a full-time trainer!

Catharina has three dogs of her own as well! A four-year-old Doberman, a 14 year old Fox Terrier and an AmStaff x Labrador, who all live with her as one big happy family. Catharina is hugely passionate about helping humans and dogs develop a better communication, and therefore relationship, towards one another. She would love to help you with your dog, and is available to come to your home anywhere from Bunbury to Augusta, and everywhere in between!

“Training went really well. Everything was thoroughly explained and the background as to why we were doing what we were doing was really good for understanding the training. Feedback on what we were doing with Grover was good and we appreciated not feeling like a fool when we weren’t getting it quite right. Really happy with how quickly Grover is responding especially given how long it has taken to attempt training in the past with him.” – Susie I. Busselton, WA, 25 October 2017

“This was a follow up to a revisit in 2014 after initial training in Darwin. Cat is amazing with her guidance and obvious understanding of animal behaviour. This time she introduced the Wagg Walker harness and the results were instant and dramatic. We feel very supported by Cat through this process and appreciate her patience and support. Thank you, thank you.” – Kree T. Preston Beach, WA, 18 October 2017

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