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Unfortunately, for many different reasons, our dogs may develop and behave in an aggressive manner, either towards other dogs, or sometimes other people. At Bark Busters, we believe that it is Deed not Breed and every dog can be trained to control this aggressive behaviour, and no dog is beyond help. We have helped thousands of dogs showing signs of aggression, including dogs who are aggressive towards other people.

We spend a lot of time understanding why your dog is behaving in an aggressive manner. By getting to the core of the issue, our dog behaviour experts can help them unlearn this bad behaviour, using our positive training techniques. We will then provide you with management techniques to help keep both your dog and people safe. We only use positive training techniques, to help your dog learn the right way.

Most dog aggression issues stem from them feeling vulnerable or scared. If you are having issues with your puppy, be careful not to confuse aggression, with your puppy’s natural mouthing or teething – we can also help with specific training for your puppy.

Some of the main causes of dog aggression include:

  • Fear
  • Dominance
  • Territorial
  • Anxiety
  • Food related
  • Pack aggression
  • Sibling rivalry

Under the expert guidance of a professional Bark Busters Behaviourist, you will understand the underlying core of the problem and why your dog is behaving this way. We can then put steps in place to correct it, in a way that makes sense to your dog. Our goal is for you to have a fun and meaningful relationship with your dog, without worrying they will become aggressive towards other dogs or people.

Don’t let your dog’s aggression issues take over your life, call us today!

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